VR Wedding Photograph & videography Coverage

Our robot will be a discrete participant at your event. He will be discretely directed by our operator. Decked in a tuxedo he will blend in and be part of the crowd. 


Our full wedding day VR coverage starts at $5000.
Please contact Stefan for detailed pricing information and to check availability.


We are a New York based operator but we do VR productions across the world.

Yes we do. We would customize our offer based on travel requirements.

Once the  wedding is completed all of the footage is backed up. The footage is then sent to our editors for the first edit. The first edit will be the full day’s event. Then a condensed version of the wedding will be created as well for sharing with friends and family.

We can, subject to availability.

As soon as possible. Our calendar does fill up and our production teams are scheduled months in advance.

Our goal is to capture the essence of your special day. Our robot is designed to be of minimal interference. However, we would encourage you to let your guests know about the robot. We would welcome your guests to engage with the robot as it will capture them when they interact…

We are insured for liability insurance and errors and omissions up to $2 million

Our standard package includes:

1- full day edit (all the footage edited)

2- 30 minute edit for friends and family

3- socila media packet or you to post online and share with friends

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